Ratings explained

I just want to take a minute to explain my ratings system.

I rate each book out of 5 on:

Entertainment – How enjoyable the book is to read.  Is it well written, amusing, interesting?

Inspiration – How inspiring it is.  Does it make me want to get out there and take action?  Or get me excited about the creative possibilities in the world?

Instruction – Does it offer clear and helpful advice or guidance on how to go about something?

Technical – Does it go into the technical side of animation, or how something moves?


 Could be better  

Often there will be an “n/a” next to one or more of these.  This is where I believe that the book simply isn’t intended for that purpose.  For example, a book showcasing artwork could be incredibly inspirational, but has no need to offer instruction.  Similarly a book on anatomy has no need to be entertaining.

Instruction and Technical are both quite similar, but I felt it was important to differentiate between them.  Some books give excellent advice on how to do something, but could in no way be described as technical.  And another book may give good technical information, but offers no explanation about how to actually apply it and create something.

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