Bottom of the Ninth

by Ryan Woodward

*EDIT 19 Aug 2012*

Unfortunately the Kickstarter project didn’t gain very much support, so Ryan has cancelled it early.  The 1st issue has now returned to the original price of $3.99.  I would still recommend it, as it’s an interesting concept, and as I mentioned before, it’s got some great artwork and animation in it.  I’m really sad to see the Kickstarter project cancelled, as it means we won’t get to see issue 2 for a long time – if ever.  I’m a big fan of Ryan Woodward’s work, so I’m hoping he’ll manage to find a way to keep this project going.


This is a slightly different post, just to quickly draw your attention to a nice app.

Ryan Woodward animated a beautiful short film – Thought of You and he has now turned his considerable talent to producing an animated graphic novel about baseball in the future.  The first issue has been available as an app on iTunes for a month or so now – I bought it when it first came out and really enjoyed it. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, there are some amazing poses and appealing animation.

Now Ryan is offering it as a free download, so I highly recommend you check it out: Download Bottom of the Ninth free from iTunes

He has now started a Kickstarter project to finance issue 2: Bottom of the Ninth Issue 2 on Kickstarter

So if you like issue 1, take a look at the project.  Also, if like me, you paid full price for issue 1 and are feeling slightly hard done by now that it’s free, Ryan has offered to automatically add you in at the $25 reward level.

Not a proper review, but as the first issue is now free, I thought I’d bring it to your attention!


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