Horses and Other Animals in Motion

by Eadweard Muybridge

Horses and Other Animals in Motion  (Amazon)
1985 edition

In a nutshell

A series of photos showing the poses of various animals in motion.  Take a look at the book on Amazon, to see a few example pages.


Entertainment  n/a
 Inspiration  n/a
 Instruction  n/a

My thoughts

The fact that photos taken in the 1880s are still relevant today, show how exceptional a photographer Muybridge was.

This book consists of photographs of various animals moving in a variety of ways, often from different angles.

I have only given it 3/5 points on Technical value because sometimes the photos are blurred or a bit dark.  Also, there is some inconsistency with the angles shown – sometimes it’s just from the side, sometimes with 3 quarter view, sometimes with a back view.  There are still a lot of very clear photos though, and it’s helpful to have horses with and without riders.

I think this is a useful book if you are animating animals (or just curious to see how they move!), and can be picked up relatively cheaply – currently available on secondhand for around £5.  I believe this is a selection from a larger collection of photos, but this covers the basics in quadruped and bird motion – see below for a full list of animals and actions.

He was interested in showing the movement of animals, so includes the full body – foot placement, head, and tail.  Which is very helpful for animators, and beats your average “day at the zoo” youtube video which usually manages to cut off one or more of the above!

And there are some quite interesting, or unusual sequences.  I particularly like the 2 deer running and leaping, the camel galloping, the racoon turning, the adjutant trying to fly, and the ostrich running.  There are also some nice flight sequences, although they are a bit blurry.

Overall I think this is a great little (pages a bit bigger than A4, but only 90 pages) book to own for a quick reference of the key poses of a variety of animals in motion.



– hauling
– hauling, head being pulled
– walking, free
– ambling, bareback
– trotting, free
– trotting, bareback
– trotting, saddled
– harnessed to a trap, trotting to gallop
– cantering, saddled
– cantering, bareback
– galloping, saddled (x3 different horses)
– jumping a hurdle, saddled
– bucking and kickingOx trottingSow trotting

Goat galloping


– walking, interrupted
– trotting
– galloping (x2 different dogs)
– jumping hurdle
– turning around


– walking to gallop
– trotting to gallop
– galloping

Deer – doe galloping, kid jumping

Elk trotting

Antelope trotting

Buffalo galloping

Lion walking

Lioness walking

Tigress walking and turning around (side)

Tigress walking and turning around (front)

Elephant walking

Bactrian camel walking

Bactrian camel galloping

Racoon walking and turning around

Capybara walking

Baboon walking on all fours

Pigeon flying

Cockatoo flying

Ostrich running

Adjutant flying run

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